Is CBD Oil Good For Weight Loss?

If you are one of those who want to lose weight and you are looking for a product to make it easier, you may ask yourself is CBD oil good for weight loss? To find out more about whether is CBD oil good for weight loss or not; first, we need to know how can CBD affect weight loss. In this post, I am going to talk about the current studies on CBD and answer the question of many of you; Is CBD oil good for weight loss?

How Can CBD Contribute To Weight Loss?

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and is a widely favored compound. CBD comes in the form of topical creams, sprays, lozenges, etc. However, it is usually available as an oil-based extract.

It is claimed that CBD has several health benefits such as improving brain and heart health, decrease anxiety, and natural pain relief. In addition, CBD helps to weight loss by boosting metabolism or reducing appetite.

However, there is not much evidence to prove the effects of CBD on weight loss, but there are some promising findings. The followings are a few of its potential effects on weight loss.

CBD May Or May Not Increase Metabolism And Decrease Appetite

Initial studies show that CBD increases metabolism and decreases food intake. This can lead to losing weight. For instance, studies on animals show that CBD affects weight by interacting with the specific receptors in the brain and lymphoid tissue. It is thought these receptors play a significant role in food intake and metabolism.

In a study for two weeks, CBD was injected daily at lower and higher doses to rats (2.5 and 5 mg per kg of rats’ body weight). After two weeks, results were showing a considerable decrease in body weight in both doses.

The higher dose demonstrated the most efficiency (Although we need to take into consideration that CBD was not given orally to rats, it was injected into rats). Besides, in the other study, CBD decreased rats’ appetite significantly.

Contrary to that, in some researches, CBD has been increased appetite. Change in appetite is one of the most usual side effects of CBD treatment.

Anyway, researches indicate mixed results about the effects of CBD on appetite and in various studies the outcomes are not the same. Even though some researches show that CBD usage influence gaining weight by boosting appetite, other studies indicate the opposite.

Still, more studies are needed to wholly understand the effect of CBD on appetite, as it sounds not to be the same always.

Maybe several factors influence appetite while taking CBD, including the type of product used, the way of product used and the genetics of consumers.

As a consequence, and also about humans, there are still more studies required to have a certain and clear conclusion. Until now, there are not enough findings to support and demonstrate the same results on a human too.

CBD Assist ‘Browning’ Of White Fat Cells

There are two types of fat in our body: White and Brown. White fat is the dominant one and supplies and stores energy. It cushions and insulates our body organs. When the white fat accumulated in excess, is most linked with chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Contrarily, brown fat by burning calories generates heat. People who have a healthy weight tend to have more brown fat than overweight individuals.

By exercise, getting enough sleep, and exposure to cold temperatures you can convert white fat to brown. Interestingly, studies show CBD helps the process of converting white fat into brown fat.

A research discovered that CBD caused browning in white fat cells and increased the indication of specific proteins and genes that raise brown fat. But still more studies are required to verify these results.

Should You Choose CBD Oil For Your Weight Loss?

is cbd oil good for weight lossCBD oil has been shown health improvement effects in many ways, but still, it is unclear that if it affects weight loss positively too.

Particularly, more studies on humans are required to define how CBD products affect weight loss. The available findings currently are relatively insufficient and incompatible. Overall, with little risk of side effects, it is fairly safe.

Since CBD oil effect on weight loss still is not wholly proved therefore it can not be taken as an efficient supplement to lose weight; and because CBD products can be expensive, the best is to try other weight-loss methods including dietary and change in lifestyle.

The Bottom Line

CBD oil as a cannabis product is getting more and more favored by people. It is often declared and marketed as a way to lose weight. But still, current findings do not support this claim.

Studies show CBD help to weight loss by increasing metabolism, decreasing appetite, and amplifying the “browning” of white fat cells. Although CBD reduces food intake and has a favorable effect on losing weight; on the contrary, some researches indicate that it leads to weight gain.

Overall, there are not enough findings to conclude a certain outcome, as well as there is no proven evidence that CBD oil can help weight loss. As a result, more research on humans is required.

To sum up and to have a clear answer to the question of whether is CBD oil good for weight loss or not, since the current studies are limit and sometimes researches indicate opposite outcomes it is not recommended taking CBD as a supplement so far for weight loss.

With all said, it would be best for you until more studies done, to take advantage of the other more proven and demonstrated methods like changes in the way of living, dietary or taking exercise.

I hope this post could be helpful for you and answer some of your questions about the effectiveness of CBD oil on weight loss. I would like to know more about your feedback, experience, and opinions. Please leave it in the comments below.


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